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Participants will explore ways to consistently integrate, communicate, advocate, and transform the brand image that All Nurses are Leaders within and across nursing practice, education, research, advocacy, technology/innovation, professional associations, and throughout the public domain.



Recent research findings indicate a significant gap exists between how nurses perceive their profession currently versus how they would like to be perceived. Current brand position statements most frequently selected as descriptive of nursing focused on themes of "caring"; however, "leaders in practice, education, and research" and "patient centered healthcare providers" were descriptors selected as most desired for the brand position for the nursing profession (p = 0.01) Godsey & Hayes, 2018; (Godsey, et al., 2020).


At the conclusion of the Symposium for the Brand Image of Nursing, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the Brand Image of Nursing as perceived by Registered Nurses and by the public.

  2. Explore national/international research findings comparing nurses’ current versus desired image of nursing and public’s perception of brand image of nursing.

  3. Develop innovative strategies to communicate, advocate and integrate the brand image All Nurses are Leaders at state, national, and international levels.

  4. Apply principles of brand theory and marketing in the redesign of brand image All Nurses are Leaders to support nursing recruitment, retention, and professional self-actualization.


  • Nurses in state, national, and international nursing organizations

  • Nurses in all practice settings

  • Nurses who teach or conduct research

  • Nurses in technology, innovation, policy/regulation, and advocacy environments

  • Interprofessional experts in strategic marketing and branding


Brand Image of Nursing Symposium:

Contact Hours: 7.7


Attendees must stay for the duration of this program to be awarded contact hours for continuing nursing education, provide license number upon registration and complete an evaluation for the program. Partial credit will not be awarded for any session. We reserve the right to cancel or alter the program if unanticipated circumstances necessitate changes. The Kentucky Nurses Association is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN). The KBN approval of individual nursing continuing education providers does not constitute an endorsement.


Many recorded sessions from the Symposium for the Brand Image of Nursing (BIN) will be made available for purchase (with CE) through the Kentucky Nurses Association’s Online Learning Portal

Please check there a few weeks after the Symposium to access BIN recordings and earn CE.

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